While you read this, people all over the world are accessing information at an accelerating rate. More and more affordable equipment means that cell phones, tablets, and mobile devices are used even in places where people lack running water or reliable transportation. Modern technology now reaches nearly every culture and tribe, making connection the rule and no longer the exception.

Expanding mobile access creates a huge opportunity to connect people everywhere with the message of the Bible in a format they can access quickly and simply, but there’s one major roadblock. For many of them, no translations of Scripture exist in their own language.

With your help, we can change that. By bringing together the world’s largest Bible agencies, with more than 500 years of collective experience, and by harnessing the latest digital technology, Every Tribe Every Nation will tear down all barriers to the Bible, opening God’s Word to more than six billion people.

For the first time ever, we have the means to make this vision a reality within our lifetime, but we need your support today.


In the 1400s, Gutenberg’s printing press forever changed the world. For the first time, books were readily available, making them one of the main ways of sharing information. Bible translators took advantage of this revolution, making God’s Word accessible to those who had never owned a copy—who’d never experienced the power of Scripture.

What Gutenberg began, the latest digital technology can now complete. Increasingly affordable devices and expanding mobile access means very few places on earth today escape the touch of mobile technology. Every Tribe Every Nation wants to see the Bible delivered to every person in our digitally connected world. Here’s how we can make it happen:

Accelerating translations:

When the largest Bible agencies in the world join forces, good things happen. Right now, more than a billion people have no access to God's Word, with no translation even started for roughly 1,900 languages. There’s still much work to be done. Every Tribe Every Nation is speeding up the process by funding projects, coordinating translation efforts, supporting the management of intellectual property rights, and standardizing the texts. People everywhere have the means to receive and engage with Scripture on cell phones, mobile devices, and print-on-demand services. We must make the life-giving message of the Bible available to them in their own heart language.

Building a trustworthy library:

With the help of United Bible Societies, we’ve created a Bible resource for the world. We call it the Digital Bible Library™ (DBL)—a secure, accessible collection of high-quality translations, media files, and tools for mission fields around the globe. But it’s more than just storage. From this library, websites and mobile devices become portals to engage God’s Word. Christian leaders can print resources on demand or share video clips in the languages of the people they serve. Here, you’ll find trustworthy translations and materials with the Every Tribe Every Nation seal of approval. The library also reflects real-time revisions of languages, which means you can expect commitment to the fidelity of God’s Word in the most accurate language translations possible.

Standardizing digital content:

For hundreds of years, translators have been using a variety of formats and tools to reach their goals. But, most of these translations share one thing in common: They’re on paper. To bring these Scriptures to a connected world, this vast collection of translations must be converted to a digital format. Every Tribe Every Nation is pushing forward to digitize Scripture of completed and yet-to-be-finished translations through a quality-controlled, uniform system. We're eliminating the confusion of so many formats by unifying the work, and in the process, creating the engine for standardized and trusted content.

Managing intellectual property rights:

Understanding licensing issues and gaining property rights, which protect the accuracy of the texts, are a huge part of getting God’s word to people all over the world. Many existing agencies and organizations have little knowledge of these issues, which, in turn, complicates their work and slows the distribution of Scripture. Every Tribe Every Nation exists to help solve these problems. The Digital Bible Library™ streamlines the process of acquiring rights from current license-holders at a reasonable cost so ministries seeking relevant translations can focus on sharing the gospel with the people they serve—not following a paper trail.

Providing content where it’s needed:

As of today, the Digital Bible Library™ houses more than 1,200 digitized translations. To accelerate the distribution of these translations, we’re partnering with a number of ministries to make specific Bible versions and resources available to those who need them. These ministry partners, or "Library Card Holders," receive access to our digital shelves wherever the copyright holder permits it, so they can innovate and share God’s Word.

Seeing lives transformed:

We're called to this work because we believe that once the Bible is accessible to every person on earth, lives will be changed by the power of God’s Word. We believe Scripture is living and active, and we believe people everywhere should be able to read it in their own language wherever and whenever they want.

Getting God’s Word to the World

Ministries, church planters, evangelists, and relief organizations need help. They are desperate for translated Scriptures that can speak to the heart of the people they serve. Every Tribe Every Nation can meet that need, giving them trusted translations of God’s Word to share—no matter where they are.

And it’s more than a distant dream; it can happen in our generation. For the first time ever, the right people, the right organizations, and the right technology are coming together to get God’s Word to every tribe and every nation within our lifetime.

The time is now. Help us get Scripture into the hands of every person on earth.