Getting God’s Word
to the World
within a Generation

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus told His followers to share the Good News of salvation with all nations. And they did—with as many people as they could. Everywhere they went they carried the message of the Bible.

Every Tribe Every Nation aims to do the same as we partner to unleash the life-giving message of God’s Word to all people in their own language. Advances in technology mean that today, instead of being bound by roads and ships, we can reach every person on Earth, giving them the Bible in a format they can access again and again as their lives are transformed.

People all over the world are waiting to hear the Gospel in their own heart language—the language of their homes. With your help, we can reach every tribe and every nation with the life-changing hope of the Bible.

More and more affordable equipment means very few places on earth can escape the touch of mobile technology. With mobile access expanding quickly, connection is the rule and no longer the exception.

Even from the scorching African desert to the frigid reaches of the Arctic, technology is changing the way people live. Namibian tribesmen set up camp based not on the prey they hunt, but on the number of bars their cell phones receive. Nenet clan members in remote Russia have found text messaging a convenient way to reach out through the cold.

All around the globe, devices are connecting people to each other, but they can also connect them to something more powerful: God’s Word.

But, for many of these people, no adequate translations of Scripture exist in the language they know by heart or in the format they prefer. Together, we can enable them to read the Bible in their language whenever and wherever they want.

Trusted Translations—Instantly

Every Tribe Every Nation brings together the largest Bible agencies in the world—United Bible Societies, American Bible Society, Biblica, and Wycliffe—which collectively have more than 500 years of experience and are involved in 90 percent of all translation work being done globally. At the heart of Every Tribe Every Nation is the Digital Bible Library™ (DBL), a secure, accessible collection of high-quality translations. But it’s more than just storage. From this library, websites and mobile devices become portals to engage God’s Word. Christian leaders can print resources on demand or share video clips in the languages of the people they serve.

The Digital Bible Library™ allows us to accelerate and safeguard accurate translations, working with frontline ministries like Bible Search and YouVersion, a Bible app with more than 100 million downloads to date, to deploy them rapidly around the globe.

This library is the key to unleashing ministry opportunities from South America to Asia, where 261 million people have no access to Scripture in their heart language, or the language of their homes. Currently, the Digital Bible Library™ holds more than 1,200 translations, helping us reach people who desperately need to hear the Words of Life.

Making an Eternal Difference

Every Tribe Every Nation isn't just about technology. It’s about transforming lives with the power of God’s Word. Partner with us—together we can enable people all over the world to engage the Bible in their own language right where they are.