Central Asian Russian Scriptures (Tajik Version)

Language Name: Russian

Language Code: rus

Script: Cyrillic

Country Name: Republic of Tajikistan

Common Version Name: Central Asian Russian Scriptures (Tajik Version)

Version Abbreviation: CARST

Revision: 1

Scope: Bible without Deuterocanon

Completion Date: 2013

Bundle Type Version: 1.2

ETEN Partner Agency: Biblica

Rights Holder Name: Biblica, Inc. & IMB-ERTP

Last Archive Date: 2013-10-10T20:06:42.728435

Comments: Added l and add tags in footnotes. Replaced u0020 with u2006 as separator between quote marks, number groups and in certain abbr. Updated metadata promotion texts and NT contents book order to RUS order. Minor text updates.

Project Archive ID: 54b8d8e29301a53f