First Gutenberg,
Now This

Technology is ready for the next great leap forward. Every Tribe Every Nation is committed to using the latest technology to get God's Word to every person on earth.

You can help.

Over a Billion people lack access
 to complete Bibles in their heart language

Today’s biggest Bible ministries have joined
together to tear down all barriers to the Bible

The Digital Bible Library
 is the heart of the Every Tribe
 Every Nation Alliance

Currently safeguarding
 1,400 Scripture texts

The DBL contains text, audio, and video. This is THE resource for people who develop technologies and apps to share the Scripture in every language.

The DBL has enabled YouVersion to provide the Bible app to over 100 million users. And every month, new ministry partners are joining.

From oral cultures, to visual cultures, to the illiterate; the DBL provides a one-stop portal for the Word of God.

With your help, we will take God's Word to the world

Help us complete the Digital Bible Library

This library will change the world as God's story reaches the ends of the earth. This is a call to pray, to give, to spread the story until every tribe, every nation, every heart has heard.

Accelerate & Safeguard
Scripture Translation

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Acquire Rights From
Current License Holders

Maintain Accuracy
of the Translations